How to Register

1. First you need to register as a user
First you need to register as a user, click here to register.

2. In order to obtain an understanding of the business registrations process and to manage your expectations, it is always recommended that you read the FAQ first.

3. Fill in the selected online application forms.

  • For CC, (Pty) Ltd and Income Tax registrations, application forms are completed on line, For Pty(Ltd) and other tax registrations i.e You just need to fill in the universal brief tax form and we will contact you for more information that we may require to complete the application process, you can also forms have to be downloaded.

  • Downloaded forms can either be completed on softcopy and e-mailed back OR printed and completed manually (if this option is selected please make sure that your handwriting is clear) and scanned & emailed or faxed back together with a signed letter of attorney and copy of ID.

4. Pay the fee for the selected service using , Payment is by means by credit card, EFT or bank deposit, however it is recommended to pay by credit card or EFT

5. Fax or scan and email signed Limited Power of Attorney letter together with the photocopy of Identity Document (ID) of each member (in the case of a CC) or director (in the case of a company).

6. Post the original Power of Attorney letter together with the photocopies of the Identity Documents of each member / director.

CC and Company registration step
To register a New Close Corporation will take 2 to 3 weeks before it is completed. The reason for this delay is that the registration process is a two-stage procedure.

Stage 1: The first stage is the name application. Although we submit the name application electronically, CIPRO may take up to a week to process our request before we receive a reply. The client also runs the risk of not getting the proposed names approved due to a conflict with an already existing name.

For this reason it is strongly advised to first do a name search to see if the names are available. This test will save both time and frustration.

Remember to use a descriptive word in the name describing the nature of the business, e.g Malamba Enterprise Development Services as it greatly improves the chances of a successful application. Try to supply more than one name at a time, max of 6.

Stage 2: Once the name has been approved, we will automatically notify you as to which name was approved and proceed with stage two of the registration. This is when we would require your Power of Attorney to appoint Pronto representatives to submit signed registration documents on your behalf.

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